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Want to find private-label brands and manufacturers who would be willing to have you resell their products on Amazon? Our seller insights tool gives you access to an extensive list of sellers you should be doing business with.

Get Access To Privy Seller Data

Choosing the best sellers to work with can be a herculean task if you do not have access to all the data you need. With our Seller Insights tool, you can access thousands of seller options and view important seller data like total revenue, brand selling count, total reviews, and total ASIN count.

Narrow Down Your Options to Only The Most Suitable

With our seller insights tool, you can select your preferred categories and streamline your seller options using a set of filters. You can set minimum and maximum values for revenue, reviews, total ASIN count, and brand selling count. This will help to narrow down the seller options to only those that fit your preference.




Reselling can be easier… but only if you know this.

Choosing products to resell on Amazon can be a herculean task. There are many things to look out for — from demand and competition to choice of brands and profit margins.

So before you set out to resell any product, there are three things you should do first:

  • Decide which brand of the product you want to sell. You can choose the best product brands by running a simple search with the Brand Analytics tool.
  • Get reliable private-label sellers who are looking to work with resellers — this is where the Seller Insights tool comes in.

With the Overlook Seller Insights tool, you can access an extensive list of sellers and also view their seller metrics to decide whether or not you want to do business with them.

The seller you decide to do business with often determines how much profit you make as a reseller. Why?

Because if you source products at an expensive price, you’re less likely to make a significant profit.

So how do you decide if a seller is
Right for you?

There’s a simple checklist to follow when trying to choose a seller to partner with; reviews, revenue, business model (private label or wholesale), and category.

Number of


Private label
or Wholesale


Your Ideal Supplier Should…Tick All Your Boxes

They have a good number of reviews, enough to show that their products are in Demand and are of Good Quality.

They fit into your preferred Category

You can view the number of brands they sell and tell if they’re into Private Label or Wholesale

They generate significant monthly Revenue

Sift Through Thousands of Seller Options in Minutes With Filters and Data

There are many private labelers and wholesalers on Amazon, and trying to choose the best ones to do business with can be challenging, especially for new resellers.

Why risk making wild guesses and partnering with unreliable sellers when you can make informed seller choices based on data and save time while at it?

With our Seller Insights tool, you can uncover thousands of seller options and narrow them down to only the best. All you have to do is choose a category and set the filters to your preferred specifications.

Supplier research is now a breeze with Seller Insights!

How to Find the Best Seller Options With Seller Insights

There are many supplier options, but you need to choose a brand or wholesaler that has a track record of sales. That’s where our Seller Insights tool comes in.

You can find sellers in any product category and streamline your results to only those that meet your criteria. If you know what you’re looking out for in terms of revenue, ASIN count, and even location, seller or supplier research will be a breeze.

Just open the Seller Insights tool in your Overlook dashboard, select the category you’re interested in, and set the filters to your preference. The tool will pull up an extensive list of sellers that fit into your criteria, in minutes.

It also gives you access to essential data like Seller ID, Location (Street, City, State, Country), total revenue, brand selling count, total ASIN count, and more just like the image below.


What Else Can The Seller Insights Tool Do?


Reset your filters if you decide to change your search criteria.

Download or export your search results as a CSV file so you can access itoffline

Show or hide data columns so you see only what you’re interested in


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Frequently Asked Questions

A. Because resellers ride on existing product demand so it’s important to only do business with private label sellers and wholesalers who have a track record of revenue.

A. It helps you to uncover potential seller options and make data-driven seller choices.