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With Eagle Eye Research, profitable products are no longer a needle in a haystack. You can search through millions of products in Amazon’s database for potential home-run products with high demand, low competition, and high-profit margins. The Eagle Eye Research tool generates winning products that match your criteria within seconds.

Customize Your Search With Powerful Filters

No one knows your business needs and preferences better than you do, so we let you call the shots. Specify your criteria for profitable products with advanced filters, such as price, monthly sales, monthly revenue, number of reviews, and more.

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Get accurate results with our advanced algorithm and make informed, data-driven decisions that will increase your chances of success on Amazon.


Speed Up Your Amazon Product Research With Eagle Eye Research


But first... what is Amazon Product Research?

Amazon product research is the first step on your journey to becoming a successful Amazon seller. And this phase is crucial because it largely determines whether you’ll succeed or not.

Amazon product research is the process of analyzing product options to determine what product is profitable to sell on Amazon.

You can’t decide to sell a product simply because you like it. What if many Amazon shoppers don’t like it? Besides, the Amazon marketplace is saturated with hundreds of sellers selling the same product. So, even if a product sells well, you have to share the cake with competing sellers, which means lower earnings for you.

Amazon product research is the first step on your journey to becoming a successful Amazon seller. And this phase is crucial because it largely determines whether you’ll succeed or not.

How can you tell if a product is

The ideal product ticks three boxes: it has sufficient demand, low competition, and
good profit margins.



Good Profit

What Does The Ideal Amazon Product Look Like?

A product with sufficient demand to generate high sales volume

A product with a low number of competing sellers

A product with good profit margins

The Right Tool To Guide You

Your product research can be easier with Eagle Eye Research.

Whether you’re a new seller trying to find that all-important first product or a seasoned seller looking to diversify your offerings by launching additional products.

With Eagle Eye Research, you can search through the millions of products in Amazon’s database for profitable products. Eagle Eye Research helps you discover potential home-run products in a matter of minutes.

Yes, minutes. That’s how much more efficient product research is with Eagle Eye Research.

How to Find Good Product Opportunities With Eagle Eye Research

Despite how competitive the Amazon Marketplace is, opportunities abound. And you can find them with the Eagle Eye Research tool.

The Eagle Eye Research tool helps you identify product opportunities that meet your profitability criteria. Remember the criteria we mentioned earlier? A product with sufficient demand to generate high sales volume, not saturated with many competing sellers, and with good profit margins.

To generate products with low competition, high demand, and high profit potential, you can set the filters so that the algorithm generates products that match these criteria. For example, you can set the number of reviews to be a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 50 as that signifies low competition.

To use Eagle Eye Research, first tick the product categories you are interested in. Then, set your filters to narrow down your search like in the image below.


Other cool things you
can do with Eagle Eye Research


Save your filters as presets so that you don’t have to start from scratch another time.

Use Overlook Pro
presets if you don’t
know where to start

Download your
search results as
a CSV file


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Overlook Eagle Eye Research FAQs

A. Amazon product research is the process of finding the homerun potential product to sell on Amazon. The goal is to use the latest trends and data available from the Amazon marketplace to find a winning product that will bring maximum profitability and high volume sales.

A. Without product research, you’ll have to guess what products sell well, and guesswork can be unreliable. You could invest in a product with low demand, high competition, and low-profit margins, and end up making a loss.

But when you analyze available data, you can assess products with good demand, low competition, and high profit potential. This way, you make informed decisions and earn a lot of profit.

A. A good product opportunity satisfies the following criteria: the product has enough demand to guarantee high sales volume, there aren’t too many sellers offering that product, and the product has good profit margins.

A. You can find the best products to sell on Amazon by using Eagle Eye Research, a product research tool on Overlook Pro. Eagle Eye Research provides accurate data about profitable products and generates results fast.

A. Eagle Eye Research is one of the tools in the amazing Overlook Pro software suite. You can access Eagle Eye Research and other tools by paying for our Standard Plan, which costs $47 per month and $444 annually, Legendary plan, which costs $67 per month and $804 annually or Diamond Plan, which costs $197 per month and $1594 annually.

A. Yes, Overlook Pro offers a free one-on-one training call with an Amazon expert who will guide you in finding winning products to sell on Amazon.